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 Please note: Rohs-compliant-parts have suffix LF

Lan Transformer:

10 Base-T Low Pass Filter DIP
Please note - the 10 Base-T products are only available upon request !!  
10 Base-T / 100 Base-T Quad Port Modules
10 Base-T/100Base-T Transformer Modules

UT 12007   10/100 Base T- Filter
UT 12210A
10 Base-T /100 Base T Transformer -Quad-Module
TG-UT 26016
10Base-T Isolation Transformer -SMD- for CS8900A (3,3V)

T1/T3/E1/Cept/ISDN- Transformer:

UE-S1044  Fibre Channel Dual transformer
UE-S1136 LF   T1/Cept/ISDN Pri transformer neu
UE-S5535   10/100Base-T Transformer
UE-S7030 LF   Dual Line Interface Modul w.ext.Temp.Range neu
UE-S8678  T1/E1 SMD Transformer
UE-4S1009 T1/E1/ISDN-Pri Quad transforme
r (alternativ to Pulse T1009)

10/ 100/ 1000Base-T Transformer/Filter:

Please note: the 10 Base-T products have been phased out*!!
UE-FB2022    10Base-T Filter
UE-FS2022B  10Base-T Filter
UE-FS2028    10Base-T Filter
UE-FB2022B LF  10Base-T Filter
UE-FB2028M    10Base-T Filter mit erw.Tem.Bereich

UE-FD2046 LF   SIL-Dual Choke for 10BaseT-Applications

UE-TA100-05B 10Base-T Ethernet Isolation Transformer (pin)
10Base-T Isolation Transformer

Please note: the UE-TS6121X-Series is phased out
+ will be substituted by UE-TS8121X -Series
UE-TS6121A passend fuer den SMSC LAN91C111;
UE-TS8121A LF  10/100Base-T /Ethernet Isolation Transformer neu
UE-TS6121C LF  10/100Base-T /Ethernet Isolation Transformer (for LXT972A)
UE-TS6121CM   10/100Base-T /Ethernet Isolation Transformer
UE-TS6121CX   10/100Base-T /Ethernet Isolation Transformer for Auto MDIX
UE-TS6121A -TS6121K
  10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformers (SMD) Small Size
UE-TS6122 10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformer TR:2:1/1:1

Please note: The UE-TS70xx-series is only available upon request*
UE-TS70xx-Serie    10BaseT Pulse Transformer SMD
UE-TS7010 LF
   passend f.SMSC9196;CS8900A ;
UE-TS7010M    passend f.SMSC9196;CS8900A-mit erweitertem Temp-Bereich
  10Base-T SMD Isolation Transformer
  10Base-T SMD Isolation Transformer
UE-TS7015 +fuer Cirrus Logic IC CS8900A;3,3V
UE-TS7022A  (passend fuer den LXT905)
UE-TS7022B  10BaseT-SMD Ethernet Transformer
UE-TS7022BM  10BaseT-SMD Ethernet Transformer m.erw.Temp.-Bereich

UE-12ST00xx-Serie   10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformers PCMCIA
UE-12ST1112 10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformer
UE-12ST6121C 10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformer
UE-12ST140AH 10/100 Base-T Pulse Transformer

UE-16PT8515 LF   10/100Base-T Transfoermer

UE-16ST0002x -16ST0125P 10/100Base -T Pulse Transformer -PCMCIA-
UE-16ST1086   10Base-T Ethernet SMD Transformer f. Single-Chip Switch RTL8305S von Realtek
UE-16ST1148M(M)  10/100 Base TX Transformer (SMD)
 100 Base TX Transformer (SMD)
UE-24ST8515A-2 10/100Base-T Transformer SMD

UE-24HST1041   1000 Base-T Transformer

UE-40St1041 -40ST1041AX-Serie  10/100Base Quad Port Pulse Transformer SMD
UE-40ST1041A   10Base-T Ethernet Quad Port SMD Transformer
  10/100Base-T Ethernet Quad Port SMD Transformer f. Auto MDIX (also available in a wider temp.range version UE-40ST1041AXM LF)
UE-40ST1041H   10Base-T Ethernet Quad Port SMD Transformer
(M)  10Base-T Ethernet Quad Port SMD Transformer f. Single-Chip Switch RTL8305S von Realtek
UE-40ST8050E(M)   10Base-T Ethernet Quad Port SMD Transformer
  10Base-T Ethernet Quad Port SMD Transformer


10/100 Base-T Voice over IP-Modulesneu

UE-VP2006A VOIP-10/100Base-T Transformer Module
UE-VP2008 LF VOIP-10/100Base-T Transformer Module

UE-VP2019LF VOIP-10/100Base-T Transformer Module

1000 Base-T Magnetic Modulesneu

UE-24HST1041-2   1000 Base-T Transformer (alternativ zu Pulse H5004)
UE-24HST1041A-3 LF 1000Base-T Transformer Module (alt zu S558-5999-BA)
UE-24HST1041A-2 LF 1000Base-T Transformer Module (alt zu Pulse H5007 NL))

UE-GS5008 LF 1000 Base-T Module (alternativ zu HX5008)
UE-GS5009 1000Base-T Transformer Module (alt zu Pulse H5009)
UE-GS5019PM LF 1000 Base-T PCMCIA Transformer
UE-GT6801M 1000Base-T Dual Transformer Module
1000Base-T Transformer Module


RJ45-Connectors with integrated transformers/ +LED's:

UE-LA1S109   RJ45-Connector ohne LED's +1000Base-T Transformer
UE-LA1S109-43LF   RJ45-Connector mit LED's +1000Base-T Transformer

  RJ45-Connector ohne LED's -ohne Transformer

Plese note: the RJ-45-Connectors with integratet 10Base-T Filter/transformer are phased out!!
"Lan-Mate"-Serie LF1S009 - LF1S028 
Single RJ45 Connector mit int. 10Base-Transformer
UE-LF1S022  RJ45-Connector Transformer
UE-LF1S022-34 RJ45-Connector Transformer
 RJ45-Connector Transformer f. CS8900A (3,3V)   
UE-LF1S028B  RJ45-Connector Transformer
UE-LF1S028B  RJ45-Connector Transformer

 RJ45-Connector Transformer+ LEDs
UE-LT1S023M-43LFNEU RJ45-Connector Transformer+ LEDs; Wide temp. range -40°C +85°C; for CP2200

UE-LU1D041A1 RJ45-Connector m.Int.10/100Base-T Transfomrer
UE-LU1S000-xx   RJ45-Connector +LED'S -ohne Transformer
+USB+Transformer+LED'S -Gesamtuebersicht
UE-LU1S041  (Single RJ45 Connector Module with Integrated 10/100 Base-T Magnetics) (f.SMSC LAN91C111)
UE-LU1S041-C  (Single RJ45 Connector Module with Integrated 10/100 Base-T Magnetics)
UE-LU1S041-xx (Single RJ45 Connector Module with Integrated 10/100 Base-T Magnetics+ LED's)
UE-LU1S041A-xx   Single RJ45-Connector w.i.10/100Base-T +LED's
UE-LU1S041A-34  Single RJ45-Connector w.i.10/100Base-T +LED's
UE-LU1S041CM-43LFNEU  Single RJ45-Connector w.i.10/100Base-T +LED's; Wide Temp.Range -40°C +85°C; fuer Marvell 88E6061

UE-LU1S516-XX  Single RJ45 Connector Module w.I.10/100Base-T +LED's
NEU  Single RJ45 Connector Module w.I.10/100Base-T +LED's

UE-LU1T041A1  (Single RJ45 Connector mit integr.Transformer
UE-LU1T041A1-34   Single RJ45-Connector T-Magnetics fuer SMSC LAN 91B111)
UE-LU1T041F   Single RJ45-Connector m.i.10/100Base T-Magnetics
 Single RJ45 Connector Module w.I.10/100Base-T
UE-LU1T516E1-XX  Single RJ45 Connector Module w.I.10/100Base-T +LED's
 Single RJ45 Connector Module w.I.10/100Base-T +Bi-Color LED's

UE-NU1S041x-xxx  (Single RJ45 Connector Module with Integrated 10/100 Base T mit 3 LED's -Gesamtübersicht)

UE-NU1S041C-343 LF  Single RJ45 Connector Module w.I.10/100Base-T +3 LEDs ( for LXT972A)

 (4-fachRJ45Connector m.integr.Transformer)
UE-LU4T041F  (4-fachRJ45Connector m.integr.Transformer)
UE-LU4T041F-43  (4-fachRJ45Connector m.integr.Transformer + LED's)

UE-LUBT041X4  (8-fachRJ45Connector m.integr.Transformer )

UE-PLU1S041  (Single RJ45Connector m.integr.Transformer + LED's+PoE)
UE-PLU4S041   (4-fach RJ45Connector m.integr.Transformer + LED's+PoE)


RJ45-Connectors with integrated transformers/ +LED's +USB Stack:

UE-BLU516J-XXX   (RJ45+2 USB Stack's)


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