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ADSL/HDSL/ MDSL /SDSL-Interface Transformer:


Lan Transformer:

Semiconductor Reference List   10 Base-T / 100 Base-T Quad Port Modules
UT 12007   10/100Base-T Transformer
 10Base-T/100Base-TX (Quad)-Transformer
UT 26016 10Base-T Isolation Transformer for CS8900A (3,3V)

More Info's about 10/100/1000 Base-T Filters and Transformers
and RJ45-Connector+USB+LED's+Transformer are available here


ISDN-Transformer& Module:


Common Mode Chokes:

UT 21305V-TS  neu1:1; 51uH-SMD-
UT 21320V-TS  1:1; 28 mH -SMD-

4-fold Chokes /High Current / PCMCIA Chokes: 
UT 21314V-TS 4-fold Common Mode Choke 7,5x5,5x5,3mm; L=5uH;N=1:1:1:1

T1/Cept & T3/DS3/E3/STS-1  Interface Transformer:

T1/Cept-Single Dual Package IC-Selection  
UT 23006 E1/T1 Dual Transformer
UT 23008
E3/DS3-Transformer f. TE3-LIU (PEB3452)
UT 23012 E3/DS3-Transformer f. TE3-LIU (PEB3452)
UT 23014
E1/T1 Dual Transformer f. FALC-applications
UT23031 E1/T1 Quad Transformer
UT 23024 E1/T1 Quad Transformer 
UT 23029 E1/T1 Quad Transformer
T3/DS3/E3/STS-1 Transformer: 


Fax/Modem Transformer:

Transformer for 56kB applications    Short form  Transformer for PCMCIA-applications
UT41663  SMD Transformer TR=1:1



UT29xxx-Series   Low Power Inductors (pin)
UT30xxx-Series   Toroidal Inductors (pin) UT31xxx-Series   High Current Toroidal Inductors (pin)
LS-Series   SLBS-Serie      RH-Serie         RSB-Serie  SMD-Power Inductors

RSB805-221 neuSMD-Power Inductor

Drivers for your ISDN-Card:

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